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New Updates! Empty New Updates!

Post by Mike on Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:52 pm

Many of you have complained to Paul or I about the ads on the forum, We could not help these ads, but now we've got them fixed. Ads will only be shown to guests of the forum. As soon as you register you will no longer see the ads.

Also new is a new forum, Professional Values. Paul and I will be posting values of coins that you can check before you post an appraisal request, my expert area is American Coins, and I will be posting many of them, and hopefully Paul will add a few from other countries.

Also, if any of you have seen the scrolling ticker at the top, we're going to be updating that too! Coming soon to it will be an option to view all new posts, and also a ticker that will show what the 'coin of the week' is, and also dramatic raises or drops in coin values over the span of a month/week/year. We may also have a bot registered to automatically post articles about coins.

We hope you'll enjoy these updates, they're for the best and will make our forum better.

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