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Post by Mike on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:24 pm

I got our forum reviewed by the hosting website. Here's what they said about CoinQuest Forums:

First Impressions - Rating: Good
    When I first came to your forum, I was both impressed, and interested at the same time. The forum has a unique theme that I haven't seen before (Although I'm sure there are a lot more). I was interested because I actually have gazed into the subject of coin collecting myself. Your forum really is unique in it's own way because it's about a hobby that many people do nowadays. I like the fact that the forum is based off the website itself, and is the official forum of it. I also like the various entertainments going around being how your forum supplies different services such as, "What is my coin worth?" and etc. One thing that I did notice was that your forum lacks a portal. I think that by adding a portal, your forum will even be more entertaining. On the portal you can add links to different coin sites, and different types of services there as well. All in all, I was impressed at first glance, and that's what matters.

Our Forum Review Purple11 Graphics & Layout - Rating: Good
    Your forum has a vast amount of graphics, but none of them actually stood out. I myself like to go to forums because of their professionalism displayed via graphics. Please don't get me wrong, your graphics contain the sense of simplicity, and that's what makes them unique. I'll do an individual analyses on any graphic that I can find:

    Your banner is very nice, simple, and to the point. What I did like about your banner was that it contained a little graphic of a coin. This helps people that may need extra help in order to comprehend what the forum is about.

    What I didn't like was that in my opinion, it's too simple. I think that to break the "too" simple line, you could've added some extra colors in, or added some gradients in to make it more vivid.

    Your Navigation Images/Text have broken the "too" simple line and has become simple yet elegant. I love how your text navigation feature goes from one way to another by a simple hover. Very good choice of navigation as it matches your forum in different ways being it's color and simplicity.

    To summarize all of your graphical content, I would like to say that it does match your forum, but I think in order to create better graphics, you should change something big. I recommend that you change your color scheme a bit. Maybe to something like a dark red, with a white finish, or even something that resembles coin collecting? I know that sometimes rare coin actually rust, and in this way, you can make your forum look like a rusting coin. I know this sounds eccentric, but it makes your forum original and known by others. Example: A collector recommends your site to another collector, the other collector would say "Hey, I know that site, it's the rusting coin site. My favorite one Very Happy."

    Your forum's layout is very nice. No need to change thing. I like how everything in your forum is organized, and organization is one of the keys to success.

Our Forum Review Orange12 Forum Activity - Rating: Average
    Your forum is not as active as I expected. Your forum's post count is currently at 217. Your forum has 84 registered users. I think that with 84 users, your post count should be somewhere along the means of 2,000+. I think the issue that is lacking here would probably be less entertainment. Your forum's theme is about coin collecting! You can definitely use this theme to your advantage and host a giveaway contest. I suggest finding a reasonably priced collectible coin, and just give it away in a contest. Everyone loves freebies, and if people know that your forum does this kind of stuff, more people will definitely join, and more people will definitely post.

Our Forum Review Blue11 Staff & Usergroups - Rating: Good
    Your forum has the perfect amount of staff, but I suggest adding one more forum moderator. Once you add this, your forum will have the most perfect amount of Staff you can get as of now. Just remember that as your activity rises, so does your Staff. Just don't add too much otherwise the members may think that the Staff has overcome the population there. The search for a new forum moderator will also probably bring in some extra activity as everyone loves a place of power.

Our Forum Review Green11 Originality & Unique Quality - Rating: Excellent
    Your forum is totally unique, and contains so much originality that with a bit of extra hard work, can overcome the competition.

To conclude this review, I would like to say that your forum is a job well done, and like I said before, with a bit of extra hard work, your forum can overcome the competition. Wink

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