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Post by Mike on Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:37 pm

Below you will find news ticker announcements updated weekly

Rare Coin of the Week

This Weeks Rare Coin of the Week is: Ancient Rome KAICA POC

Coin Values
Random Values updated Weekly

This Weeks Coin Values:

News Ticker Announcements Actions-arrow-up-icon Morgan Dollars 1800-1900 - $20 - $700 PF $30,000

News Ticker Announcements Actions-arrow-up-iconBuffalo Nickel 1900-1920 - $10- $70, PF $1650

News Ticker Announcements Actions-arrow-up-icon Wheat Ear Pennies 1900 - 1920- $0.30 - $2, PF $60

Coin News

Gold and Silver Prices Decline as Dollar Firms
US Mint Sets Silver Eagle Release Date
Yosemite Silver Uncircluated Coin Now Avaliable
Yelllowstone Park Coin Sells Out

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