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Post by statmatics on Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:55 pm

CoinQuest Forum Now Live!

Stepping smartly into the 21st century, CoinQuest has finally gone live with an interactive forum. 'Til today things here have been pretty much one-sided: we talk, you listen. Thanks to CoinQuest Associate Mike, we now have a superb channel for two-way communication: you talk, we talk, everyone listens!

There are plenty of terrific coin collecting forums on the web. My favorites are Coin Community, WINS, Coin Talk, and Coins at But CoinQuest is not about coin collecting ~~ CoinQuest is about coin evaluation. CoinQuest dedicates itself to answering the question non-collectors ask most, "What is my coin worth?" It is not an easy question to answer. So step in with us and post up a storm!

Paul Richards
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